Helpful Phone Numbers

When an older parent has sold a home or is preparing to move, who do you call to change services in the DC metropolitan area?

Electricity: PEPCO 202-833-7550 or BGE 800-685-0123
Gas: Washington Gas 800-752-7520
Water: WSSC 301-206-4001
Verizon: 301-954-6260
Comcast: 301-424-4400 (Montgomery County) or 301-499-1980 (Prince George’s)
Washington Post: 202-334-6100

When you are making these calls, have a recent bill from the appropriate service in front of you. Even better, have the person named on the bill at your side, or the company may refuse to assist you for “privacy reasons.”

Make these phone calls a few weeks in advance of any move. The water company, for example, will want to read the meter. Other companies may need a few days or weeks to complete the service change. Timely calls help avoid bills for services provided after the move.